NewsFLAG NIGERIA Launched In Kano,Aims To Address Nation's Socio-economic, Political Challenges

FLAG NIGERIA Launched In Kano,Aims To Address Nation’s Socio-economic, Political Challenges

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September 19, (THEWILL) – A programme,FLAG NIGERIA, aimed at addressing Nigeria’s critical socio-economic and political challenges has been launched in Kano.

Launching the programme at Pegro Africa Conference Hall, Zaria Road, Kano, on Tuesday,the Convener,Assoc. Prof. Abdullahi Ya’u,also listed other objectives of the project to include
promoting patriotism and nationalism among Nigerians,as well as uniting the citizens from diverse backgrounds under the banner of a united and
prosperous Nigeria.

Other objectives,Assoc.Professor Yau said, are: respecting and displaying the National Flag to encourage every Nigerian to proudly display the national flag in their homes,
workplaces, and communities.

And to make the Nigerian flag a constant reminder of our collective identity and
shared aspirations, educating Nigerians about the detrimental consequences of an illegal military
takeover of power and
empowering citizens “with strategies for political change in favour of Nigerians and
Nigeria through legal and democratic means.”

The rest,he said, included highlighting Nigeria’s immense natural and human resources to promote Nigeria as an attractive investment destination to potential
institutional and private investors across the world.

Others, the convener said, were to mobilize social media influencers and celebrities to share positive news and
opportunities in Nigeria with the world, and “to project a positive image of Nigeria and change international perceptions,” among others.

He said eminent problems that motivated the establishment of the programme included
the fact that
“many Nigerians have, over time, become disconnected from their national identity”, and that “the absence of a strong sense of patriotism and nationalism has hindered collective
efforts towards progress and unity.”

He also said that citizens’ engagement in the public budgeting and governance system had been
minimal. “This has resulted in a lack of accountability and a disconnect between the
government and the governed.”

Another motivating factor,the convener said,was that the national flag, “a powerful symbol of unity and pride, has not been given the
reverence it deserves. Its significance in fostering national identity and unity has
been overlooked.”

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