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The Other Side Of Rufai Oseni


November 19, (THEWILL) – He is different things to different people. To the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC Rufai Oseni is a thorn in their flesh. They consider him very unprofessional, antagonistic, rude and arrogant because he says it as it is and does not sugar coat things. To the opposition, he exudes confidence and charisma and asks his guests (from the opposition party) all the ‘right’ questions they are afraid to answer. Whatever side of the divide you are on, one can’t deny that he is one of the boldest journalists who is not afraid to seek information in a manner that many may consider brutal and frank.

Beyond his work, Rufai likes to empower and impart knowledge. While lawmakers in the National Assembly are busy making plans to purchase expensive SUVs, regardless of the economic situation and the current economic status of majority of the citizens who voted them into power, Oseni stunned many with the recent unveiling of the Oseni Centre for Learning, a library and development centre he built on a sprawling expanse of land.

Located in Ogun State, his home state, it is his own way of contributing to the development and growth of the next generation of Nigerians in his community in Ogun state. So far, he has helped train over 20 teachers to impact young Nigerians.


A seasoned journalist with a remarkable career spanning 18 years, during which he has continuously strived to optimise every aspect of his work for improved and positive challenges. His belief that life is a succession of problems has driven him to seek problems associated with his growth, transforming each obstacle into an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Oseni’s career journey began at JFM Radio, Warri where he honed his skills and has over the years traversed Unique FM, Ilesa, Gold FM, Ilesa, Ogun State Television, Ogun State Radio, Inspiration FM, British Broadcasting Corporation and TV Continental. He is currently a co-host at Arise TV Media. He also finds time to teach English as a Facilitator at National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN and is a published author.

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