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Olumba Obu Urges World Leaders To Shun All Forms Of Discrimination To Achieve Peace


November 15, (THEWILL) – The Universal Leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS), Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, has proffered solutions to some challenges facing the country today.

The BCS leader maintains that Leaders at all levels of governance in the world should stop causing tears and pain to the children of God and embrace the brotherhood of all men.

Leader Obu made the call during a media parley to kick off activities to mark the 2023 Divine Manifestation of the BCS leader.

The universal leader whose message was delivered by the organisation’s spokesman, PCS Dr. Amah Williams, said all human beings were created by the same God and humanity should strive to live together in one brotherhood.

He also urged Nigerian leaders and citizens to rise above Ethnicity, prejudice and corruption to ensure lasting peace.

“Leaders at all levels must also learn to fulfil their promises to their people.

“His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu says now is the time for all Nigerians to eschew violence, forgive one another and embrace the Brotherhood of man as that is the only sure path to enduring peace.

“Every leader and citizen must, therefore, rise above ethnicity, prejudice and corruption and live in oneness and love. Until these lofty ideals, as taught by Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, are practised the problems of mankind shall persist.

“Everyone should know that there is no amount of violence, killings or agitations that can solve any problem,” he said.

Leader Obu added that Nigeria is the abode of God and all those who perpetuate these negative vices will experience the wrath of God.

“Nigerians must also know that the physical abode of God is here in Nigeria and this nation is a nation after God’s heart.

“Therefore, all those fanning the embers of disunity, violence and those who perpetrate corruption should know that the wrath of God shall soon come upon them.

“The tears and sufferings of ordinary citizens have risen to the Throne of God and no more shall God allow anyone swindle the collective wealth of this
nation and go scot-free,” he said.

He explained that unless the leaders of the world turn to the universal leader and embrace his teachings of love, peace, and forgiveness, the challenges of mankind will persist.

“You must embrace him and practice his teachings of love, forgiveness, and oneness and leave for this is the last bus stop.

“This is not the time to engage in religious controversy and hate, this is not the time to discriminate between whites or black Christians or Muslims but the time to love one another irrespective of religion or ethnicity and seek God in spirit with a humble heart and you shall find him,” he said.

He said the 2023 weeklong celebration will take place at its world headquarters in Calabar as well as all BCS formations across the world and is also a holy week for God’s children.

As part of this year’s celebration, the organisation will embark on humanitarian visits to correctional centres across the world, choral performances as well as the consecration of Bishops elect.

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