NewsAPC Trying To Turn Nigeria To One-Party State, Silence Judiciary - Ajadi

APC Trying To Turn Nigeria To One-Party State, Silence Judiciary – Ajadi

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November 21, (THEWILL) – A Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, has alerted the nation on what he described as an attempt to silence the opposition parties through the judiciary by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ajadi said he is calling on well meaning Nigerians and nation’s statesmen to come out openly and condemn the plan of the APC to use judiciary to truncate the present hard-earned democracy.

He said there is the need for the opposition parties to unite and fight the planned take over of all states in Nigeria by the ruling party, saying the will of the people should not be push aside by a desperate and greedy party like APC.


Ajadi in a statement on Tuesday, after paying solidarity visit to the Kano state governor, Abba Yusuf, said, “The recent judgements by the Court of Appeals in the case of Zamfara, Kano and Plateau have shown that the APC is pushing the nation towards a one party state.

“In a statement released on Monday, Atiku accused the APC of employing underhanded tactics to ‘snatch, grab and run away with power’. He pointed to a series of controversial rulings in Nasarawa, Kano, Zamfara and Plateau states, where opposition victories have been overturned in favour of the APC.

“The judiciary under military dictatorship was much more courageous and had better integrity than what we have today.

“It is obvious that the APC has turned the once respected Nigerian judiciary to a ‘cash and carry’ one, where politicians who don’t participate in primaries are named as candidates while actual winners of elections are sacked for flimsy reasons.

“Is it not mysterious that it was the same panel that sat and heard all the election petition cases from Plateau state before the Court of Appeal? How is it that in election cases where the PDP came first and the APC came second, the court ordered that the APC be declared winner while in elections where the PDP came first and Labour Party came second, the courts ordered a rerun in order to give the APC a chance of victory?

“It is like the APC as a ruling party is trying to ‘capture’ the states it had lost during the elections through the Court of law.

“Of particular interest is the judgement in respect of Kano state, how can an argument at tribunal be different from the one at the Appeal Court.

“Issue of party membership that the Appeal Court ruled upon has been argued in many cases and Courts but the rulings on those cases were that party membership issue is an intra party affairs, which doesn’t concern any other person or party, why is that of Kano different

“It is surprising that the judgements of the two courts are even different. While the Tribunal, led by Justice Oluyemi Osadebay, nullified the election of Governor Abba Yusuf by declaring 165,663 of his votes invalid when it held that the ballot papers were not signed nor stamped by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

“The Court of Appeal in its judgement held that Yusuf was not in the membership register of his political party, which has been argued in the past and the judgement was that membership of a candidate rest on the party and its members, why now has it turned to the business of APC to determine who is a member of NNPP in Kano State.

“This is surprising, to say a candidate of the party, that was listed by the INEC on the ballot, who campaigned across the nook and crannies of the state on the NNPP’s banner and was voted for overwhelmingly by the people is not a member of the party is unbelievable.

“The people of Kano know that our party is the leading party in the state and this has been demonstrated in the other elections.

“NNPP has the highest members of the State Assembly, highest members of the national assembly from the state and we are with the grassroots.”

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