Entertainment & SocietyTimi Ogunde Calls Out Movie Director Yemi For Strangling Her To Near-Death

Timi Ogunde Calls Out Movie Director Yemi For Strangling Her To Near-Death

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November 13, (THEWILL) – Nigerian actress, Timi Ogunde, has called out movie director, Yemi Adedayo, for allegedly strangling her to near-death in a hotel room and defrauding multiple women on social media.

The actress posted on her X platform, boldly accusing the movie director saying, “I’ll like to talk about my story on how a so-called director almost strangled me to death.”

She further addressed upcoming actresses in the industry saying, “Dear upcoming actress, please come and learn. On the 26th of August @mastermindfilmz put up a tweet about how he is in need of actors on set, and I indicated that I was interested.”

The actress noted that the movie director, Yemi Adedayo was the director on that set and he discussed payment, accommodation, her role and her feeding via text messages.

She went further into details saying, “After a few weeks, we concluded and I left my house at 6am on the 14th of September. On getting to Subkem Hotel in Ibadan, where actors and crew members were lodged, I saw Yemi and we exchanged pleasantries and I took my bag upstairs and dropped it then I went off to shoot.

“After spending 24hrs in Ibadan I didn’t shoot anything, Yemi begged and said I shouldn’t worry that I’ll shoot the next day. Note, he told me that I was going to spend 2-3 days in Ibadan.

“After the whole day, I was tired and I needed to rest, on getting to the hotel I asked Yemi where I was going to sleep and he said, ‘If I take you to the other girls room, they might treat you anyhow, but don’t worry you can stay with me in my room.’

The actress revealed that she had no discussion with him about the situation, feeling skeptical about it she had no choice, but to succumb because she didn’t know anyone else on set.

Timi claimed that she slept off, but woke up to Yemi attempting to strangle her, and he attributed it to a nightmare. She decided to speak out after noticing Yemi being called out for online scams.

She went ahead to post screenshots of their chats also.

However, Yemi countered, alleging Timi had ulterior motives, insisting she joined the set after the alleged incident. The director, without revealing details, warned Timi against damaging his online reputation.

The movie director responded saying, “Tell the real truth @Timi_ogunde, tell them who you are let’s start from there. I now get una time. Do not forget I sent you away the next morning. Say the truth, it won’t perish you.”

In response, she furiously called Yemi a disrespectful individual with unfortunate parentage.

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