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Sales Of Humour Not Related To Kidnapping – Okon Lagos Slams Frank Ufomadu

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September 27, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop, aka Okon Lagos, has stated that there is no relationship between sales of humour and kidnapping.

The actor made this known after a prolonged argument with movie producer, Frank Ufomadu.

Ufomadu and Okon had engaged in war of words, after a kidnap kingpin, who flaunts his wealth on social media was arrested.

Paul Okoye took to social media after the arrest of the kingpin, to educate ladies to ask of the source of their lovers’ wealth.

Okon agreed with Paul Okoye’s assertion that ladies should always question the source of their lovers’ wealth.

Most especially those who boast about their wealth on social media.
He added that such ladies should also be arrested and given worse punishment than the culprit themselves.

His assertion didn’t go down well with Ufomadu, who argued that there is no difference between such dubious people and some entertainers who charge millions of naira to sell tables at event to people with questionable source of wealth.

He added that Okoye and Okon have no moral justification for their assertion.

A few hours after the two laid their argument to rest. Okon took to social media to make further clarification about entertainers being compared to kidnappers.

According to him, a person who sells services to a criminal can’t be tagged a criminal except the services sold is used to facilitate crime.

“Who is an enabler of crime? A person that sells services to a criminal? Absolutely not! Except if services sold is used directly to facilitate crime.

“There is no link between the sales of humour and kidnapping. A friend, acquaintance, family or anyone who enjoys the generosity and largesse from unverified and questionable financial sources without any attempt to ask question to know in order to either dissociate from, expose or prescribe correction, such a person is both an enabler and a TIFF”, he wrote
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