Entertainment & SocietyOkon Lagos, Frank Ufomadu In War Of Words

Okon Lagos, Frank Ufomadu In War Of Words


September 26, (THEWILL) – The duo of Nollywood actor, Ime Bishop, aka, Okon Lagos and movie producer, Frank Ufomadu, have engaged in a war of words on social media.

The two started an exchange of words, after a kidnap suspect, popularly known as Lion, was arrested.

Singer, Paul Okoye, had taken to social media after news of the kidnap kingpin went viral.

According to him, ladies should question the source of their flamboyant boyfriend’s wealth because of the way the kingpin had been displaying his wealth on social media.

Okon Lagos also took to social media to agree with the singer’s point of view. He added that ladies seen with such kind of people should be labelled criminals and given equal treatment and even worse than what the culprit gets.

However, his comment did not go down well with Ufomadu, who said the comic actor is also guilty of the same act.

According to him, people like Okon Lagos organise shows and sell table of five for N5 million without asking questions about the source of wealth of the person buying such tables and would go home thinking they have made it.

Ufomadu added that the duo of Okoye and Okon Lagos have no moral justification to question a girl, who is dating a criminal. He advised them to keep quiet whenever they see such posts without making any comments.

Not done, Ufomadu alleged that Okon Lagos deleted his comment and accused him of insulting a London trained movie maker. He asked for the number of his colleagues who were trained in London just like him.

He alleged that corrupt politicians and drug pushers are the ones buying tickets for his shows yet he is criticising ladies for doing same.

Responding to his outburst, Okon Lagos revealed that he didn’t delete his comment, he just felt the best thing to do was to ignore him for “he is not worth the trouble”.

The comic act accused Ufomadu of using his London training as a cover up for “the real mainsay of his livelihood -fraud and crime”.

He added that the movie producer should not “keep on giving lame justification for aiding and abetting crime”.

Okon accused Ufomadu further saying, “it would be embarrassing for legit movie producers when you are caught like this fresh guy here on the post, you are gonna be described as a movie producer”.

Ufomadu also responded by calling the comic actor a “hypocritcal being”.

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