Entertainment & SocietyPeace Finally Reigns As Bukola And Sister, Gbemisola Saraki Bury Hatchet

Peace Finally Reigns As Bukola And Sister, Gbemisola Saraki Bury Hatchet


SAN FRANCISCO, November 16, (THEWILL) – Since the demise of their late father, Senator Olusola Saraki, President of the 8th Senate and former Governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki and his erstwhile sister, Minister of State for Transportation, Hon. Gbemisola Saraki have not been on talking terms over political and personal issues between them.

THEWILL recalls that Bukola vehemently kicked against the wish of their deceased father for Gbemisola to succeed him as Governor and becoming the first female State CEO in Nigeria. Bukola then as the incumbent, used his political machinery to work against his father’s preferred candidate by supporting his long time friend and ally, Abdulfatah Ahmed to succeed him.

The duo thereafter became like night and day that never met. To make matters worsen, they threatened each other with fire and brimstone. One would easily forget that they were both siblings born of same father and mother until politics tore their once sweet relationship into shreds. The issue generated mixed reactions from Kwara’s political landscape as many supported Bukola who said; the Governorship seat in Kwara should not be polarised to the Saraki’s alone. He gathered immense support for his preferred candidate against his father’s wishes. When Gbemi as she is fondly called lost in that election, knowing fully well that; it was truncated by her elder sibling, she could not stomach her disappointment and disdain. Oloye, as their father was popularly called, was also disappointed. It is still speculated till date that his death a few months later was as a result of the political defeat and humiliation he suffered in the hands of Bukola.


He was not on good terms with Bukola until a few months before his death when they reconciled. For Bukola and Gbemi, reconciliation never surfaced in their lexicon. They both kept their distances.

However, on Saturday the 14th of November, 2020, at a private event in Ilorin to celebrate the 8th year demise of their father, top Islamic clergyman, Sheikh Sulaimon Farouk Onikijipa reconciled Gbemisola and Bukola. Before reconciliation, the respected clergyman fed both politicians with the word according to the scripture on the need to bury their animosity and embrace peace for the sake of their father. After series of lectures and prayers for the late popular second republic politician, Sheikh Farouk called both Bukola and Gbemi and reconciled them and told them to bury their differences devoid of political reasons. For the first time in years, they spoke to each other and hugged. Sources averred that; it seems the coast is clear and the sea is calm for the Saraki’s to soar high again politically. ‘They might both will team up to battle the incumbent Kwara state Governor over the demolition of their Father’s choice property called ‘Ile Arugbo’ in the heart of Ilorin. They might also be working together to wrestle power from him at the next election. The peace meeting is long-awaited. This will obviously awaken and rejig the Saraki’s political dynasty.’

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