TributeThe Ona Ekhomu We Lost!

The Ona Ekhomu We Lost!

A security professional and expert like no other.

A pioneer on many fronts

Ebullient in deportment


Knowledgeable in a Solomonic mould

Humble to a fault

Obliging at all times

Meticulous in delivery

Urbane with sartorial excellence.

He gave freely of himself in aid of fatherland

A Nigerian in sight and sound

A patriot of the rare kind.

He gave cheerfully of his resources to care

A friend indeed in needy times.

Was never tired of talking, teaching, discussing and hammering on security

He breathed it, sweat it, lived it, till the end.

When we listened to him, we won

When we dithered, we lost, dearly

A man of no mean stature, in intellect and build.

Honoured time, regarded schedules, respected deadline, kept to agreements .

Nurtured relationships, valued friendships, esteemed humanity.

A repository of knowledge

A suave registrar of security jargons

A doyen with global acclaim.

Beloved of newshounds

Sought after by cops and brass hats

Becoming a charismatic bridge of opposing divides.

Where will that body of knowledge go now!

Who will give those trenchant analyses now!

Who becomes the readily go-to when the news breaks of another breach now!

When will Transworld beget another faculty of Ona’s order now?

But we will remember, always

You played your part, most admirably

Ruled your world, most impactfully

Left a legacy, plainly unmatchable

Exited the scene, in a blaze of glory.

As you take your final bow in the affairs of men

We are pained in our hearts

As we are wont to do

For we are mortals who know only in part.

But we are left with a memory

Sweet is it like that of the just one.

To live in the hearts of those we love

is not to die

Rest on our Dr. Ona Ekhomu

Fare thee well!

Fare thee well!!


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