OpinionOPINION: Impacts of Delta Govt Security Outfit, "OPERATION DELTA HAWK"

OPINION: Impacts of Delta Govt Security Outfit, “OPERATION DELTA HAWK”




November 23, (THEWILL) – It’s about two years since the Delta State Government led by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, set up an internal security outfit known as Operation Delta Hawk.

The state-owned security outfit, Operation Delta Hawk, was established with the aim of complementing the efforts of other security agencies in curtailing crime-related activities in the state.

On December 11, 2020, the Governor, Senator ( Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa, inaugurated Operation Delta Hawk, to collaborate with stakeholders to promote peace and an enabling environment for residents across the state.


Operation Delta Hawk was not established to work independently or in isolation, but to work closely with Federal Government owned security agencies for positive results.

Operation Delta Hawk is charged with information gathering and providing the enabling environment and necessary support to aid the operations of other security agencies.

Since the inception and appointment of Hon. David Tonwe as Director General of Operation Delta Hawk, the state-owned security outfit has performed credibly well, working closely with the security bodies, promptly and being proactive in tackling crime-related incidents in the state.

The Director-General, David Tonwe, is a grassroots politician and he understands the terrain, hence Operation Delta Hawk had made significant progress and discharged its duty effectively and efficiently.

However, it should be noted that to date, even developed Nations are battling with security challenges and threats because crime is an act from the mind of an individual, which is beyond the control of the government or security agencies.

The government or security agencies can only attempt to prevent crime or curtail the escalation of crime either by reacting promptly to distress calls or also through advocacy educating the populace on the dangers of being caught in an act of crime.

Though there are still pockets of crime in parts of the state, evidently, Operation Delta Hawk, Police and other security agencies, collectively reduced the rate of crime in the state.

All over the world, no government or security agency can stop crime outrightly, the government and its security agencies can only control the occurrence or incidence by way of applying the method of deterrence, which is enforcing adequate punishment on the crime committed.

It is entirely untrue to insinuate that Operations Delta Hawk has failed in its responsibility to tackle criminal activities in the state since it was established.

The simple truth is that Operation Delta Hawk has not failed, but rather, working in tandem with laid down procedures, which is collaborating with the Police and relevant security agencies to minimize the crime rate in the state.

More so, the Police and security agencies including Operation Delta Hawk needs adequate information to act on, and this is where the society and citizens have the responsibility to pre-inform the security agencies of suspicious activity and movements in every vicinity.

Crime such as killings, kidnapping, and robbery are caused by factors beyond the control of government and security agencies including Operation Delta Hawk.

This is so because at the point or time when an individual is conceiving the thought or plan to commit a crime, the government and security agencies cannot know and that is why the security agencies can only respond to information or distress calls to quell or curtail crime incidents.

Security is the responsibility of the society because security agencies are there to act, while citizens are there to provide useful information to prevent crime.

Delta State is one of the most peaceful states and low in crime rate because Operation Delta Hawk and Police have been working together effectively and efficiently in this regard.

Particularly, there have been peace, and safety, security of lives and property in the riverine and rural communities. The crime rate has drastically reduced in those areas.

The collaboration between the Police and Operation Delta Hawk had shown that Delta State is enjoying maximum security and there are also low records/incidents of violence and criminal activities in the state.

In all assessments, Operation Delta Hawk has performed credibly well, even though it is expected to do more to ensure the safety of lives and property in the state.

The state-owned security outfit has justified its creation by the Delta State Government. However, the government should also review the operation and find out areas that require improvement and necessary support.

The Director-General of Operation Delta Hawk, Hon. David Tonwe, is a Deltan, who has been given the opportunity and also utilising the same, to contribute his own quota to peace, safety and security to his state, fellow Deltans and non-Deltans residents in the state.

Hon. David Tonwe has shown capacity and competence in overseeing the state-owned security outfit and more is expected of him and his team.

Also, the Governor, Senator ( Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa should be commended for the establishment of Operation Delta Hawks, it affirms the Governor’s genuine commitment to peace, safety and security in Delta State.

Experts have also suggested that Delta State Government should further strengthen and widen the scope of operations of Operation Delta Hawk, to enhance its community relations.

Finally, Christmas is approaching, it is expected that Operation Delta Hawks in collaboration with Police and other security agencies would ensure adequate security for residents in Delta state.

***Chris Awhawha, Peace Advocate, Delta State.*

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