Entertainment & SocietyHanks Anuku Opens Up On Battle With Depression

Hanks Anuku Opens Up On Battle With Depression


November 21, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actor, Hanks Anuku, has revealed that he drinks because of his battle with depression.

Hanks’ mental health struggles have thrust him into the spotlight, frequently spotted dishevelled and wandering the streets. Despite his appeal for financial help, Nigerians harbour scepticism, questioning the aid’s purpose without a clear designation. Concerned fans are urging rehabilitation, expressing worry about the actor’s well-being.

Addressing concerns, Hanks underscored his lack of need for rehab, firmly stating that financial assistance is his primary requirement. In a recent Instagram story, he credited the viral video to his son and extended heartfelt gratitude to fans for their unwavering support.

In a separate video on Tuesday, the actor took the opportunity to express his appreciation for the supportive fanbase, reiterating that his struggle revolves around depression, not involvement with drugs.

He said, “I know you must have heard a couple of stuff about me, yeah, but God is on my side. He will send his angels and messengers to me, and when they are sent to me, you will all be part of it.”

The actor further revealed, “Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs. I don’t take hard drugs at all.

“Out of depression, I did not have a job for years, I was thinking about my children, their school fees and their welfare among other things and you know what it is like when it gets to that point.

“I call it a breaking point, I was broken to pieces and I had to go drinking and that is it”

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