Entertainment & SocietyCubana Chief Priest Still at War With Obi Cubana

Cubana Chief Priest Still at War With Obi Cubana


March 28, (THEWILL) – Judging by recent events, it does not appear as if all is well between Pascal Okechukwu, otherwise known as Cubana Chief Priest, and his former boss, Obi Iyiegbu, also known as Obi Cubana. Pascal has pitched his tent with Kolaq Alagbo Herbal Bitters and has totally shunned Obi Cubana’s new business venture, Odogwu Bitters, which was distributed across two continents last week in preparation for the formal launch next this week.

Pascal has been flooding his social media space with products from Kolaq Alagbo and urging his fans to patronise the brand. He did not only fail to display Odogwu Bitters on his timeline as a show of solidarity, but also did not congratulate his former boss on his latest venture. The fact that he started influencing for Kolaq Alagbo about the same time as Obi Cubana began the distribution and market activation of his own Odogwu Bitters surprised many and got them wondering if it was a mere coincidence, a strategic business strategy by Kolaq Alagbo or sign of a deepening crack in his relationship with Obi which many were not aware of.

Paschal’s actions have also got people wondering if he truly made peace with his boss or just attempted to ‘fulfill all righteousness’.

THEWILL recalls that last year, the two businessmen decided to sheath their swords after feuding for 10 months. It all started midway in 2020 after Pascal reportedly informed Obi that he wanted to start his own nightclub business. The decision did not go down well with Obi who quickly unfollowed him on social media.

Pascal eventually cut ties with Obi, but their separation was messy. After many attempts at reconciling the duo, they eventually made up at a post-funeral concert held in honour of the late mother of Kingsley Okpala, the promoter of New Age brand of phone accessories. To further consolidate their renewed friendship, Okechukwu donated 46 cows to his former boss during the burial ceremony of his late mother, Mrs Uche Iyiegbu, which took place in Oba, Anambra State. It was, as a matter of fact, the highest donation from a single person at the event.


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