Entertainment & SocietyWhy Ibikunle Amosun And Dapo Abiodun Are Fighting Dirty

Why Ibikunle Amosun And Dapo Abiodun Are Fighting Dirty


August 15, (THEWILL) – This past week, a former governor of Ogun State, Ibikunle Amosun and the incumbent Governor Dapo Abiodun engaged in a seemingly unending altercation for reasons that many people are yet to understand.

Amosun threw the first salvo unprovoked when he said that the 2019 governorship election in the state was rigged in favour of Abiodun and vowed to ensure his removal, come 2023. He insisted that his erstwhile protege, Adekunle Akinlade, who contested the election on the platform of the Allied People’s Movement, after defecting from the ruling All Progressives Congress, won the election.

Amosun claimed that those who actually rigged the election in favour of Abiodun had apologised to him and he had moved on. So one wonders why he is revisiting his rivalry with his successor over the 2019 governorship election, if he has indeed moved on.

Abiodun did not let Amosun’s allegation slide. In response, he described his predecessor as suffering from self-delusion and political amnesia. He urged his supporters to ignore Amosun and his rantings as he (Abidoun) would not join issues with him. He, however, expressed his disappointment that Amsoun would cry that he was rigged out during the election.

“How can we that are on the outside take on an incumbent and then be accused of rigging out an incumbent in the same party. Anyone can explain their failure whichever way they like, anyone can also begin to pant and threaten that they will do whatever,” he had said.

Well it turns out that Abiodun was being pressured to hand over the Ogun Central Senatorial ticket to Amosun, who did not indicate any interest to return to the Senate but was gunning for the presidency and later stepped down for Tinubu. Abidoun had openly supported Afolabi Salisu, his Chief of Staff. Salisu had won the ticket during the APC primary election organised by Abiodun’s faction of the party. Amosun’s camp did not hold a parallel primary election, leaving Abiodun’s men to take all the APC tickets for elective positions in Ogun State.

With the rebuff, Amosun has resigned himself to leveraging on his support for a ‘Tinubu presidency’ and other influences he has within the APC and the presidency. THEWILL had exclusively reported how Amosun in his bid to ensure Abidoun is ousted in 2023, teamed up with his predecessor and a political foe, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, with whom he was at daggers drawn during his tenure as governor. But with the current situation, especially as Amosun abandoned his loyalists, led by Akinlade, all of whom have since defected to the PDP, he currently has no cards to play with. He seems to be losing grip on the possibility of holding any notable political position or having some form of influence come 2023 and has resorted to a smear campaign in hopes that things would work out in his favour eventually.


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