Entertainment & SocietyWhy Entertainers Abuse Hard Drugs – ID Cabasa

Why Entertainers Abuse Hard Drugs – ID Cabasa

November 19, (THEWILL) – Olumide Ogunade, a.k.a ID Cabasa, says that most singers resort to abusing drugs to heal their loneliness and depression. The music producer advised people not to be in a hurry to condemn drug addicts, but to first find out why they take it.

He said, “The problem is that most of the people who talk about this do not ask why it is so. They just condemn it. We do ask why a man is actually using this drug.

“People are looking for relief from pain and depression. So when you ask the ‘why’ question, you will know what is going on, not just what is happening. Most times we treat what is happening. The question is what is really going on with the person. By the time you ask what is going on you will understand.

“When you use drugs it does not amplify your wisdom, it amplifies what you have inside. If you are foolish, it brings out all the foolishness in you. If you are wise, it brings out the wisdom you have in it.

“One of the reasons why people use drugs is loneliness. There is a need for man to hold on to something, especially those that are up there. Most top artistes need something to lean on so as not to fall. Something that will sustain them. Most of the time drugs give them temporary relief.

“Anything you are addicted to is a drug on its own and it has power over you. If you want to create, make sure you expose yourself to learning. Make sure you are exposing yourself to relationships. Make sure you expose yourself to spirituality and connectivity.”

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