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Silly Season: Most Common Month Couples Break Up


December 18, (THEWILL) – For a good number of us, December is the month to get rid of those bad habits you don’t want to take into the new year. Maybe because it’s the last month in a calendar year and we mostly want to start off the new year as changed men and women.

Be it smoking, alcohol or just a reliance on pizza to get you through the weekend. We love to leave it all behind in December, go clean for a few months and then slowly slip back into those habits once the shine of the new year has worn off.

Evidently, these aren’t all we love to leave behind in December. Critically analysed data from Facebook messages and chats show that the ‘Silly Season’ is the most popular time to end things with your partner.

Reasons for the break ups vary from not wanting to face the holiday period with someone you’re just not that into, to not wanting to introduce a partner to your friends and family over Christmas.

Some ladies on their part wait till this period to end a beautiful thing with whoever they have been with, just because they know ‘Hustlers from the Diaspora’ are all coming back home to spend those hard-earned foreign currencies and they need not a soul watching their moves. It’s crazy, I know, but “It is what it is.”

I absolutely love the idea of making it all the way to December with your supposed ‘LOML’, ‘Ademi’ ‘Adeori mi’ and all the fancy pet names and then slowly be like ‘soulmate, Grandma is not going to be into you’!.

Also, there’s the stress of thinking about what to get your partner as a gift during the Christmas season. Psychologist, Dr Dorree Lynn told ABC News: “If you’re not sure, particularly if you haven’t been dating for several years, a lot of people have issues about gift-giving and how intimate the gift-giving is.

“They get frightened because they don’t want to put pressure on the other person, but on the other hand they don’t want to feel like a fool giving something and not getting anything back.”

This is actually even better, imagine wandering around Shoprite and other stock-filled supermarkets looking for a gift for your significant other and then just being like ‘screw it, let’s just break up’.

Other research shows 71 percent of women and 56 percent of men would rather break up with a partner they’re not super keen on than take them to meet the family at Christmas.

While some say breakups in December should be done before the 6th or else it’s too close to the holidays and can be considered ‘harsh’. I think breaking up with a partner to get out of introducing them to your family is harsh, regardless of when you do it, how you slice it.

More so, a lot of men choose this period to end relationships with their partners because they are scared of the expenses ladies bring during this season. From fixing hairs that cost an arm and a leg, to spa dates, manicure & pedicure dates, shopping for clothes and bags as well as shoes. These thoughts leave men in their moods until they can no longer take it and therefore put an end to a good thing they had coming.

These women on the other hand count it as a blessing, because now they know “man has no money, cannot even spend or take care of me.” or so they tell their mates. So it becomes a hunting season all over again, and this time, it comes so easy and quick as the ‘Malay boys’ are already in town to throw some wads.

According to the data, if you make it past the 11th of December, you’re good to go until the new year at least.

To be very honest, I can barely remember what day it is between Christmas and the New Year, so I can see why people aren’t making serious life decisions during that time.

Other than December 11, the next peak time to break up with a partner is mid-March, which is just about when we all drop our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe there’s a correlation there…

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