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Five Categories Of Women That Men Avoid Marrying


November 05, (THEWILL) – It is the weekend again, and here is another beat of the everyday life metro story served specially for your consumption.

After a thrilling study and survey, it is safe to say that for many men, these categories of women are quite unappealing.

Women Without Aspirations
Guys become very overwhelmed and suffocated by a woman who is never busy with stuff of her own. If she’s ever idle and always seeking to merge every second of her day with a man’s, it won’t be long before the man gets fed up.

Everyone loves, needs, requires space to pursue their individuality. Love’s bond should be tight, but to the point of suffocation.

Bossy Women
Women like this just can’t help it. They want to be involved in every decision you make. This, in itself, is not bad but they push the limits and want to make your decisions for you.

This can breed resentment and a lot of men rarely put up with such women for too long.

The Changer
Just as there are men who try to change women, there are women who do this too.

The problem with this type of woman is that she claims to love her guy just the way he is, but little by little, she chips away at just about everything about him. First, it is his wardrobe, then his taste in music.

Once men sense that she’s trying to erode everything they stand for and enjoy, it won’t be long before they kick back. If not handled well and properly communicated, it might spell the end of the relationship.

Jealous Janet
Jealous Janet is the woman who is so distrustful and constantly on edge. She is always snooping, inquisitive, and paranoid. You know Chike’s “Insecure”? Yes, that’s her.

She has been burnt many times and is now constantly on guard. The problem is, no one wants to be constantly judged for the errors of others, especially in a romantic relationship.

The dude will leave because he can’t go through life being prosecuted for somebody else’s crimes, and even if he understands why she is the way she is.

Mummy’s Muppet
A man just doesn’t want a woman who returns to her mum for all answers, who shares all about her relationship with her mum and never makes a decision without her because she does not have a mind of her own.

It is tiring and leaves little room for compromise when the man and the woman’s mum do not agree on an issue.

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