SportsSeeing Osimhen Versus Finidi As An Opportunity For Nigerian Football

Seeing Osimhen Versus Finidi As An Opportunity For Nigerian Football

June 17, (THEWILL) – The public spat between Victor Osimhen, Nigeria’s star striker for Napoli, and Finidi George, the ex-Super Eagles coach, has metamorphosed into a full-blown debate within the Nigerian football community.

What began as a disagreement over Osimhen’s injury-related absence from crucial World Cup qualifiers has exposed deep-rooted issues within the team’s dynamics.

At the heart of this controversy lies a breakdown in communication and trust. Finidi’s alleged comments questioning Osimhen’s commitment to the national team struck a raw nerve with the young forward, who took to social media to defend his dedication. This public airing of grievances has divided fans and pundits alike, with some siding with Finidi’s stance on player responsibility and others rallying behind Osimhen’s demonstrated dedication to the squad.


However, this incident is merely a symptom of a larger malaise plaguing Nigerian football. The strained relationship between players and the national team setup is not a new phenomenon. Osimhen’s frustration is rooted in the perception that his loyalty is being unfairly questioned, a sentiment echoed by many of his peers in the past. This lack of trust and open communication has the potential to erode team morale and hinder performance on the pitch.

The onus now falls on the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to step in and mediate this conflict. The first step should be to facilitate a private meeting between Osimhen and Finidi, with a neutral party present, to address their differences and find common ground. Finidi must be willing to listen to Osimhen’s concerns and provide clarity on his expectations regarding player fitness and availability. Conversely, Osimhen needs to reaffirm his commitment to the team and be open to constructive feedback while apologising for his outburst.

However, the NFF’s role goes beyond just putting out this immediate fire. This incident should serve as a catalyst for a comprehensive review of the Federation’s player management policies. Implementing a transparent injury reporting and recovery protocol, with clear lines of communication between players, medical staff, and coaches, can prevent future misunderstandings. Moreover, investing in effective communication and conflict resolution for all stakeholders can foster a healthier team environment.

Another critical aspect that the NFF must address is the need for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to player engagement. Senior players like Osimhen should be actively involved in discussions about team tactics, strategies, and overall direction. This sense of ownership and shared responsibility, as demonstrated by successful African teams like Senegal, can be a game-changer in terms of player motivation and unity.

The media also has a crucial role to play in this process. Rather than fueling the flames of controversy, journalists and commentators should focus on balanced reporting and highlighting the positive aspects of the national team. Constructive criticism is essential, but it should be delivered in a manner that encourages growth and improvement rather than sowing division.

Indeed, the Osimhen-Finidi imbroglio can be a watershed moment for Nigerian football. It has exposed the cracks in the team’s foundation and is another pointer to the urgent need for reform. By addressing the root causes of this conflict – lack of communication, trust deficit, and player alienation – the NFF can chart a new course for the Super Eagles. This process will require patience, empathy, and a willingness to embrace change, but the potential rewards are immense.

A united, motivated, and well-supported national team can not only qualify for the World Cup but also make a lasting impact on the global stage. The ball is now in the NFF’s court to turn this crisis into an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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Jude Obafemi is a versatile senior Correspondent at THEWILL Newspapers, excelling in sourcing, researching, and delivering sports news stories for both print and digital publications.

Jude Obafemi, THEWILL
Jude Obafemi is a versatile senior Correspondent at THEWILL Newspapers, excelling in sourcing, researching, and delivering sports news stories for both print and digital publications.


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