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In the last one week, there have been admixture of sweet and bitter tales coming from Nigeria. On one hand, there is the good news coming from the Presidency, that the Nigerian Military has reclaimed the Sambisa Forest. On the other side, is the tale of sorrow coming from Southern Kaduna where hundreds of innocent Nigerians continue to lose their lives to fanatics.

On Christmas Day, while some Nigerians were singing alleluia to Christ for enabling the Nigerian Army liberate the Sambisa Forest from the clutches of the Boko Haram, others were crying in Southern Kaduna; as hundreds of their love ones were sent to their untimely graves. We are enjoined by scriptures to rejoice with those that rejoice and mourn with those that are mourning. Thus, I rejoice with all those that are rejoicing and mourn with the sorrowful. My heart is exceedingly sorrowful for the carnage going on in Southern Kaduna and my heart is overwhelmingly joyful on the success of the Nigerian Military in recent time.

On Christmas Day, Presidential Spokesman, Garba Shehu in a statement informed the world that there has been an ongoing world festivity (not Christmas) concerning political happenings in Nigeria. He revealed how leaders across political divide within and outside Nigeria are celebrating the strides of President Muhammadu Buhari, who has successfully commanded his troops to reclaimed Nigeria’s lost territory the Sambisa Forest.


“Leaders across the political spectrum have been calling President Muhammadu Buhari, to congratulate him and the leadership of the armed forces following the takeover of the Sambisa Forest from the Boko Haram terrorists.

“In the latest series of calls received by the President, the Governors of Jigawa, Kano, Yobe, Adamawa, Borno, Katsina, Kaduna and Sokoto have joined some of their colleagues from South-East, South-South, South-West and North Central states who made earlier calls to commend the President on the achievement of this feat which, they said, “has pleased the Nigerian people and is also being celebrated all over the world.”Garba Shehu said.

Sing my beloved country!

It is a good time to celebrate; Nigerians across religious and political divide must join their leaders across “political spectrum” to congratulate Buhari on the feat of the Nigerian Military. We need to dance because we are more than conqueror through the redemptive schemes and determination of our “Commander in Chief”, whose uncommon boldness has led to the liberation of our territory from the clutches of terrorists. Let’s toast to victory, let’s toast to peace and patriotism and then to President Buhari and the military for reclaiming our lost territory and for defeating our common foe- Boko Haram. There is no better time to sing the President a song than now. Now is the time to compose odes to the Nigerian soldiers, now is the moment to “worship” our brave and committed President for his extra- ordinary zeal, passion and dedication; in keeping to his constitutional promises of safeguarding the lives and properties of the Nigerian people.

In case you are confused as to what song to sing, it is simple; it is a doxology to the APC Government,which makes all things new. The lyrics of the President’s Songs are decipherable from the news statements released by Garba Shehu:

We’ve been to go up and take the country,
And possess the land from Baga to the Sambisa
Though some giants were on our way to hinder,
Sai Baba has given us victory.
Sai Baba!

Baba our President, Baba the Reformer!
Baba the very man of change!
Baba Buhari! Baba our President, Baba the change agent, Baba the very man of hope!

APC: Power to the people!
APC: Reclaiming lost territory!
This is the song that all Nigerians should be singing at such a time. Our President has done it again; in his first coming, he chased away the dreaded Mataisane militia group and now he has chased away Boko Haram from the dreaded Zambisa forest.

Who is like unto him? Nigerians!
Who is like Buhari?
Nigeria! Among our leaders, who is like him?
Impeccable in character, gallant and courageous
Doing wonders alleluia.

This new song is a song that Nigeria across party lines should sing in order to motivate Buhari to do more and even much more than all the electoral promises he made. Nigerians, we must understand the importance of songs and doxology in the hearts of men; praise is an application for more. If we really desire change this year, then we need to sing the President Songs always. These songs will help uplift the spirit of our President who daily bears our pains and carries our sorrows.

At every point in time in our human life, songs are necessary: children while crying need lullabies, wrestlers during bout require entrance themes, mourners during funeral need dirges, worshippers during service sing hymns, kings during festivities desire ode, politicians during and after electioneering desire panegyric, Christians during yuletide sing carol, so, singing to President Buhari is not a misplaced priority.

Unfortunately, there are many Nigerians who wish to sing the President’s Songs but cannot sing because of hardship and other varied degree of social imprisonment. Examples of such people are the millions of Nigerians in various IDPs camps across the country. I will advise that the President and his team display sobriety while they sing these victory songs .They should take note that there are many citizens who are still under the captivity of Boko Haram, these citizens are being mocked daily by the terrorists: “sing to us a victory song, sing to us your President‘s songs”. But in frustration they cry saying how can we sing the President’s songs in a strange land?

Written by Ominabo Wealth Dickson.
@Ominabo Wealth

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