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May Edochie Replies Husband, Says She Will Not Be Cajoled To Accept Polygamy

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December 23, (THEWILL) – May Edochie, the first wife of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has responded to her husband’s public apology.

Her husband had taken to social media to tender a public apology months after taking a second wife.

He stated that his decision was not intentional and he didn’t mean to hurt his first wife. He also added that he still loves her and she should not allow one mistake to ruin their relationship.


Responding to his message, May also took to social media and stated that she has forgiven him. She acknowledged that he had made a mistake but questioned how he responded to his error.

She added that she can never be cajoled to accept polygamy. She appealed to her husband to stop the unnecessary social media display because of their children.

“I strongly believe that mistakes are a major part of human existence. It is our response to these errors that count. In other words, forgiveness is one thing, and righting a wrong is another.

“FORGIVENESS is the highest most beautiful form of love for me. There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. Hence, my ability to forgive the mistakes of the past, present, and future with respect to the issue on ground is in the interest of my mental health and inner peace.

“I decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear. I am still very much incapable of hating anyone, let alone the father of my children. The fact remains that anyone can choose to practice POLYGAMY, but can’t be impelled to accept what was never bargained for.

“To reaffirm my stands, I will not be CAJOLED into accepting polygamy, which goes against my beliefs, faith, and values.

I will not be NUMBERED in a home that we started building with love, faith, tears, hopes, and prayers in a CATHOLIC marriage of 18 years, following a long-term premarital relationship.

“This is also a passionate appeal to put an end to the constant “show” on the social media space where our kids are growing into unless it is absolutely necessary. Let’s prevent our lovely children from all the incessant drama series that might take a toll on them directly or indirectly amongst their peers.

“May GOD in His infinite mercy and compassion guide us all in the right direction.

“Merry Christmas in advance everyone!”, she wrote.

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