Entertainment & SocietyIyabo Ojo in The Eye of The Storm

Iyabo Ojo in The Eye of The Storm

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July 04, (THEWILL) – TThis is obviously not the best of times for talented actress, Iyabo Ojo who seems to be pitted against certain forces threatening her wellbeing and career at present. Her ordeal started after Olanrewaju James more popularly known as Baba Ijesha was accused of sexually molesting a minor. Yomi Fabiyi, one of his colleagues came to his rescue and requested for the footage of the video which contained evidence of the allegation leveled against him. An altercation ensued between Iyabo and Yomi when the latter insisted that Baba Ijesha did no inspite of the video evidence.

They both threw caution to the wind and engaged in a war of words. While Baba Ijesha’s case was still ongoing, Iyabo picked yet another fight with her best friend, Tosin Abiola more popularly known as Omobrish, with whom she co-produced the movie Under the Carpet with. The two washed their dirty linen in public and said unprintable things about each other. Soon Iyabo Ojo’s former personal assistant and manager, Gbeminiyi Adegbola joined the fray. Iyabo was miffed that her best friend Omobrish insisted on remaining close friends with Gbeminiyi whom she sacked after she tried to ruin her business. And this is despite Omobrish being aware of Gbeminiyi’s offences. Gbeminiyi was forced to back down when Iyabo came up with enough evidence to indict her.

Not long after, the Theatre Arts and Movie Practitioners Association of Nigeria, (TAMPAN), announced Iyabo’s suspension from the body in a press conference. The association through its leader, Bolaji Amusan stated that they had earlier warned Iyabo against making further comments on Baba Ijesha’s matter but she turned a deaf ear to their warning. She was labeled one of the black sheep of the industry and was suspended indefinitely. Ironically, Iyabo isn’t a member of the association. They also warned movie producers against working with her until the association rescinds its decision. Now, fans of the beautiful actress wonder how a body she isn’t a member of would suspend her indefinitely and at the same time, warn movie producers not to work with her. They decided to throw their weight behind her for standing her ground and demanding justice for the sexually molested minor. But a few people who Iyabo respect have had to wade into the matter and this prompted her to tender an apology to the leadership of TAMPAN. Similarly, Amusan on behalf of the board of trustees of the association, tendered an apology to Iyabo. Despite the challenges the mother of two has faced in recent times, she is consoled that her daughter, Priscillia recently graduated from the Babcock University.

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