Entertainment & SocietyGWR Holder Haan Roose Walks On Rope Suspended Above Ground In Lagos

GWR Holder Haan Roose Walks On Rope Suspended Above Ground In Lagos


November 17, (THEWILL) – Estonian slackliner and Guinness World Records holder, Jaan Roose, stunned many when, on Thursday, he walked on a rope from Sterling Towers to Onome rig, Marina, Lagos State.

The 31-year-old, known for possessing nerves of steel, is a three-time world champion, a holder of numerous world records and the first athlete to execute a double backflip on a slackline.

Slacklining is a sport that entails walking on a rope, suspended above the ground, it is often used for balance training, recreation and moving meditation. It is not common in Nigeria.

Roose is taking his gravity-defying talents to new heights.

Suspended on a rope, he navigates train tracks and bridges, turning Lagos State into his own awe-inspiring playground.

The record holder partnered with Lagos State Government in collaboration with the Lagos State Safety Commission to capture the ‘Perfect Lagos Selfie’, from Sterling Tower, Marina, Lagos, to the Onome Rig.

A trending video captured the daring feat, featuring Roose navigating the bridge and train tracks at the CMS bus stop in Lagos.

The 31-year-old Estonian dynamo has turned slacklining into a heart-stopping spectacle around the globe.

From setting world records to performing as a Hollywood stuntman, Roose’s journey is as breathtaking as the high lines he conquers.

When he embarked on his slacklining odyssey at 18, little did he know it would catapult him into the limelight, captivating audiences with mind-bending tricks.

As the first and only athlete to execute a double backflip on a slackline, he has become a three-time world champion, holding a treasure trove of world records and pioneering feats in the sport.

His prowess extends beyond the realm of competitive slacklining. Hollywood beckoned, and he answered, performing daring stunts in films like Assassin’s Creed. He even shared the stage with pop icon, Madonna, during her MDNA World Tour.

For Jaan, the thrill of showcasing his extraordinary talent goes beyond competition.

His globetrotting adventures include a 100m-high acrobatic performance in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2021 and a daring 500m-long slackline traverse between two mountains in Kazakhstan the following year.

2023 saw him redefine heights once again, completing a mesmerising 150-metre walk on a slackline across two points of a single building in Doha, Qatar.

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