Entertainment & SocietyYomi Fabiyi’s Controversial Film, Oko Iyabo, Gets 1 Million Views

Yomi Fabiyi’s Controversial Film, Oko Iyabo, Gets 1 Million Views


July 20, (THEWILL) – A few weeks ago, controversial actor cum movie producer Yomi Fabiyi released a movie titled Oko Iyabo.  The story line of the movie clearly depicts what transpired in Baba Ijesha’s rape case as real names of people fighting to enusure justice for the victim, were used in the movie. Thereafter, the movie sparked controversy with many Nigerians and celebrities berating the actor for making fun of a serious situation and also questioned the motive behind the project.

Actor Femi Branch was among the celebrities who berated Yomi Fabiyi. He accused the latter of using the controversial movie to bring another colleague down and thereby defeating the purpose of mending fences. Also, some people in other quarters blamed Yomi for misrepresenting the story to make the victim and those calling for justice look bad before the general public. But the actor refuted the claims, saying that Oko Iyabo was a mixture of fiction and reality and it was never intended to undermine the victim of the rape case.

In reaction, many Nigerians called and requested that the movie be pulled down from Youtube while the Theatre Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners Association (TAMPAN) summoned the actor and co-producer of the movie. They were later suspended by the body after finding them guilty of professional misconduct and unethical practices. According to TAMPAN, the work of art is a Cinema Verite and no one is allowed to use the real names of another person in a feature film. Yomi however sent a message to the association claiming he wasn’t one of its members and could not possibly  be suspended. He also denounced the rumour that the movie had been pulled down from YouTube. According to him, the movie is still showing on YouTube and it has got more than one million views. He even went ahead to thank his fans and critics for watching the controversial movie. Not done, Yomi also boasted that he would make another movie that he would title Oko Baba Iyabo very soon.


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