FeaturesMedipol Global Explores Africa Travel Expo As Collaboration Plans Clear Up

Medipol Global Explores Africa Travel Expo As Collaboration Plans Clear Up

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September 16, (THEWILL) – The leading medical private university group, Medipol Global International Health Services, has unveiled plans to develop internal relationships with Nigeria’s counterparts in health services.

African Regional Manager Of Medipol Global, Dr Ismail Murat, who gave the hint, noted that the two countries’ collaboration cut across a broad spectrum of sectors, and individuals as well.

Speaking during the Africa Travel Market ‘Akwaaba’ edition 19. in Lagos, Dr Murat stated that the team of medical experts were on the ground for the exhibition.


Murat further stated that they are going to collaborate with all the travel agencies and every other person, who provides services related to travel businesses to make a successful business impact.

“We are representing here the biggest university private group in Istanbul, located in Turkey.”

Akwaaba is an international tourism event organised annually in Lagos, Nigeria, aimed at businesses, investors, government decision-makers and buyers in the industry.

Explaining further, Murat emphasised such development would improve the health status and health facilities to mirror international standards.

“We are bringing many doctors to this place to do polyclinic, free consultations for the patients, who need treatment in Nigeria and we are planning to open a diagnostic centre or representative auspice to provide the health and health facilities to the Nigerian patients to the right way in Turkey.”

We are a big university hospital. That means we have all types of branches. We have about 10 hospitals in Istanbul that’s why we are covering all the treatments we can do in Tokyo. We are trying to market our hospital in Africa. We have only 40 hospitals, so we will let them know what we can do, and how we can help the patients in this part of the world.”

According to Murat, the organisation has a special price for Nigeria, in the form of special package prices.

Making reference to Akwaaba’s first day, he said, “We will come again. And we are planning to make it every two months and we are trying to bring the doctors here for free consultations.”

Explaining further, he added ‘We are going to provide free consultation for Nigeria’s patients here and free examination. If there’s any patient who needs a treatment plan, we are preparing here and we are doing a good price package for any patient who tends to go with us.”

In addition, “We are thinking of having a diagnostic centre because to open a hospital needs so many protocols, but we are trying to open a diagnostic centre and by the way, every two months we will bring more than three medical professors, heads of departments coming into Nigeria for a free consultation and free examination whether the patients are coming or not coming.”

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