Entertainment & SocietyI Used To Do Drugs, It Nearly Ruined Me - Timaya Confesses

I Used To Do Drugs, It Nearly Ruined Me – Timaya Confesses


February 08, (THEWILL) – Nigerian singer, Inetimi Alfred Odon, better known as Timaya, recently made a startling revelation about his health and why it deteriorated terribly in 2020 and afterwards.

The father of three noted that in 2020, he picked up a habit that nearly destroyed his life.

The singer said that during the COVID-19 lockdown, he started taking a drug that people call the happy pill, also known as Molly.

3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly known as ecstasy in tablet form, and molly or mandy in crystal form, is a potent empathogen–entactogen with stimulant and minor psychedelic properties.

Timaya said he picked it up from some of his boys and at some point, he got so crazily addicted to it that he started popping three to four pills daily.

Timaya revealed that it made him happy too, but while he was “buying happiness” which was supposed to come from within, he stopped eating. Timaya further added that the drugs made him lose money and business associates.

He revealed that he made up his mind to stop the addiction when a photo of him looking very lean and haggard went viral.

Timaya noted that it was a very tough period for him, but he knew he had to stop because if he didn’t, it would lead to his demise.

He further added that his determination to stay away from drugs inspired ‘Cold Outside’, his hit single with Daniel Etiese Benson, aka BNXN.

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