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How I Discovered I Had Breast Cancer – Beyonce’s Father Mathew Knowles

October 19, (THEWILL) – Matthew Knowles, the father of talented singer, Beyonce Knowles, has stated how he discovered he had breast cancer.

Knowles took to Instagram and shared a video on Tuesday, of how he discovered the deadly ailment.

He stated that he noticed blood spots at different times on his T-shirt and decided to take a test.

He advised fans to get tested as early detection is critical.

“My wife had bought some new white T-shirts for me. Imagine a white paper will have a red pen written with four or five dots on it.

“And I said oh, maybe it has to do with the white T-shirts my wife had bought for me.

“On the third day, I asked her because it was on the same spot on a different T-shirt and I asked ‘oh I keep seeing this dark dot of blood on my T-shirt’ and she said ‘oh I cleaned the sheets in the last couple of days and I noticed this dark dot of blood on your side of the bed’.

“In our training in the 80’s, there was one day we had on male breast cancer and I remember that the discharge was one of the signs of what I call male chest cancer.

“So, I immediately called my referring physician, and I said I need to get a mammogram. We immediately had one like the next day and we got a biopsy and then a few days later, I had surgery and I had a mastectomy.

“Just before surgery, my surgeon, who is an amazing surgeon said, well Knowles, there is one other amazing test you need to get but you gonna be fine. You don’t have to worry about it.

“When I had the test, it came back that I was back to mutating”, he stated.

Underneath the video, he wrote “Please get tested! Early detection is critical, but many people don’t take it seriously enough.

“All of us should be making our health a priority and taking proactive measures to remain healthy and catch issues early.

“In this video, I shared how I first discovered that I had cancer. I hope it inspires people to get tested and keep their health in focus”, he wrote.

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