BusinessHeirs Technologies Set to Make Nigeria Africa’s Leading BPO Destination

Heirs Technologies Set to Make Nigeria Africa’s Leading BPO Destination


April 1, (THEWILL)- As Nigeria strives to excel in the world of technology, Heirs Technologies, a subsidiary of the Tony Elumelu majority-owned holding company, has said it will make the country a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination in Africa.

The firm also said it wants to become like Tek Experts which outsources IT support for businesses whose cores are not tech-oriented but need tech for their operations.

The Heirs Technologies management team disclosed these at a media parley in Lagos led by its Managing Director/CEO, Obong Idiong.

Idiong said the firm intends to offer these service through the Managed IT Services segment of its business, which will aim to offer infrastructure management services. Others are IT monitoring, software update and patch management, cybersecurity, cloud services management and monitoring, network management, data analytics, backup and disaster recovery.

He noted that the recent launch of Heirs Technologies has ignited excitement and anticipation in the African tech community, heralding a new era of groundbreaking solutions and transformative impact.

He added that the firm is at the verge of training up to 100,000 young people on digital skills, this year

“We are set to provide businesses with a seamless and secured IT environment, allowing them to concentrate on their core operations while the technology aspect is expertly handled”, he said.

According to him, the company will model its business after the success of India, Eastern Europe, and a couple of other local companies that have made progress in outsourcing talents for companies.

He said Heirs Technologies is banking on Nigeria’s youth population and growing developer population, which rose by 45 percent in 2023, to help create a sustainable pipeline of available tech talents.

The CEO highlighted that the new tech company will also build “campuses across the country to support outsourcing initiatives on the continent” to grow its pipeline.

Dr Fumbi Chima, Chairman of Heirs Technologies, emphasised the vision of the firm at the forum..

She reiterated that Heirs Technologies is here to answer the Africapitalism call-to-action for businesses to make decisions that will increase economic and social wealth, and promote innovation.

According to her, the company aims to herald the concept of Africapitalism – the economic philosophy developed by Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, the founder and chairman of Tony Elumelu Foundation which is predicated on the belief that Africa’s private sector can and must play a leading role in the continent’s development..

As Nigeria wants to become an outsourcing hub in the coming years and Anant Rao, Executive Director of Heirs Technologies, believes that the government initiative on outsourcing of technology will help private sector effort in the space too.

Dr Chima further explained that Heirs Technologies emerged on the scene with a vision that transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to revolutionize diverse sectors through cutting-edge technology solutions.

Founded by visionary leaders with a passion for innovation, she said, “Heirs Technologies is built on a foundation of creativity, expertise, and a relentless drive to push the boundaries of what’s possible”.

At the core of Heirs Technologies’ mission is a commitment to addressing key challenges and driving positive change.

Idiong said, with the adoption of a multidisciplinary approach, the company specialises in several key areas, namely Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-security and Data Privacy, Cloud Computing and Infrastructure, IoT and Connectivity Solutions.

He said Heirs Technologies harnesses the power of AI and ML to develop intelligent systems that optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock actionable insights from data.

He noted that recognising the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape, Heirs Technologies offers robust solutions to safeguard sensitive information and mitigate cyber threat

Leveraging cloud technologies, Heirs Technologies enables scalability, flexibility, and efficiency for businesses, empowering them to embrace digital transformation seamlessly, he added.

He explained that with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT), Heirs Technologies designs interconnected systems that drive innovation, improve operational efficiency, and create new avenues for growth.

“Heirs Technologies understands the power of collaboration and partnerships in driving innovation and fostering growth.

“We actively engage with industry leaders, academic institutions, startups, and government bodies to create a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge sharing, co-creation, and collective impact”, Idiong said. “By forging strategic alliances and alliances, Heirs Technologies accelerates the pace of innovation and expands its reach across diverse markets and sectors”.

In his comment, Anant Rao, the executive director, Heirs Technologies, said, beyond technological advancement, the company is committed to sustainability, ethical practices, and social responsibility.

He highlighted how the company integrates principles of environmental stewardship, diversity, equity, and inclusion into its operations, aiming to make a positive difference in the world while delivering value to stakeholders and communities.

The team maintains that the firm will be driven by innovation by concentrating on solving client’s real problems in a non-conventional manner that works on the answer to the question: “What does the client want?”

For the training beneficiaries, the team maintained, “We are not just teaching them about hardware and software, we are setting them on the path of soft skills for them to unleash their creative thinking, design thinking and become more relevant in today’s workplace and entrepreneurship.”

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Sam Diala is a Bloomberg Certified Financial Journalist with over a decade of experience in reporting Business and Economy. He is Business Editor at THEWILL Newspaper, and believes that work, not wishes, creates wealth.

Sam Diala, THEWILL
Sam Diala is a Bloomberg Certified Financial Journalist with over a decade of experience in reporting Business and Economy. He is Business Editor at THEWILL Newspaper, and believes that work, not wishes, creates wealth.

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