Entertainment & SocietyAngela Okorie Reveals Why She Left Her Ex-Husband

Angela Okorie Reveals Why She Left Her Ex-Husband

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November 20, (THEWILL) – Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has openly shared that she ended her marriage with Chukwuma Orizu because she no longer felt the connection of love between them.

Expressing her sentiments, the mother of one revealed that her marriage crashed due to persistent pressure from her husband’s family, urging her to step away from the entertainment industry.

“I won’t advise anybody to be in a marriage when you’re not in love with the man. I think that’s the reason a lot of women cheat. In this Lekki, you have too many women who cheat in their marriages,” Angela alleged.

Revealing the deeper layers of her decision, she explained that despite her husband being a good man, the disconnect stemmed from his family’s insistence on her ceasing all activities related to acting post-marriage. The family, according to her, conveyed the message that if they were to marry her, she must discontinue her involvement in Nollywood.

“I fell out of love because of what his family was doing. The family didn’t want me to continue acting. They were like, ‘If we are going to marry you, you’ll stop doing entertainment.’ And I was like, ‘Even my mum can’t stop me. That is my life. Do you know how many years it took me?'” she explained.

Despite her husband being supportive of her career, Okorie felt trapped in a situation where her aspirations were misunderstood. She emphasised the importance of mutual understanding and support in a marriage, stating, “You can’t just wake up and say because you want to marry me, I should give up on my dreams. This is what I’ve worked for so many years to get here.”

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