State of the StatesState of the States: Kogi

State of the States: Kogi


August 02, (THEWILL) – Kogi State is one of the 36 States of Nigeria, located in the Nigerian Middle Belt. Created in 1991 from parts of Kwara State and Benue State, Kogi State is noted as being the only state in Nigeria to border ten other states. Kogi State is nicknamed the “Confluence State” due the fact that the confluence of the River Niger and the River Benue occurs in its capital, Lokoja. Due to its strategic position in the middle of the country and its access to these major rivers, Kogi State is a key centre of commercial trade in Nigeria.

Tourist attractions in Kogi State include the colonial relics (such as Lord Lugard House), Mount Patti, World War Cenotaph, the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue, Ogidi (An African town with formations of Igneous Rock mountains and a traditional art & craft industry) and natural land features hills and terrains that serve as hiking trails. Being a 2-hour drive from Abuja some tourists come for day trips.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy. There are many farm produce from the state notably coffee, cocoa, palm oil, cashews, groundnuts,maize, cassava, yam, rice andmelon.

Mineral resources include coal, limestone, iron,petroleum and tin. The state is home to the largest iron and steel industry in Nigeria known as Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited and one of the largest cement factories in Africa, the Obajana Cement Factory.


Area: 29,833 km² (11,519 sq mi) – 13th of 36 states

LGAs: 21

Public primary schools 1818 (2017/18)

Private Primary schools 1071 (2017/18)

Public Juniour Sec. Schools: 629 (2017/18)

kogi state

Private Juniour Sec. schools: 223 (2017/18)

Public Sen. Sec. Schools: 323 (2017/18)

Private Sen. Sec. Schools: 236 (2017/18)

Nomadic Pry School Pupils: 2,758 (2008)

GDP $4.64bn (2010)

No. of companies: 345

Total Revenue: N67.33bn (@2020)

Total FAAC N49.98bn (@ 2020) – 74.22% total revenue

Total IGR:N17.35bn (@2020) 25.78% total revenue

Domestic Debt: N68.092 bn (@2020)

kogi state

External Debt: $30.15m (@2020)

Total Tax: N14.86bn (@2020)

Shares boundaries with 10 states & FCT

Hosts the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue

GDP : $32,72bn (@2017)

Population: 3.5m

Productive age group: 15-64 years

kogi state
Solid miniral

Kogi is fifth best state to do business in Nigeria: Starting a business takes 28 days in eight procedures; ranking second after Abuja F.C.T. Registering property takes nine procedures and lasts 33 days.

Kogi is Full of Potentials – Bello

Undaunted by a deluge of criticism and negative media reports, the Kogi State Government braved a two-day Economic and Investment Summit February 13-14, 2018; the first in the state’s 25 years of existence.

Kogi state
Rice Production: Rice farming, milling/processing will boost the economy of the state and cerate massive employment.
Kogi state
Restaurant & Catering Services: With travellers flooding in and out of Kogi to/from 10 states and the FCT, special eat-in and take-away services will earn robust patronage.
Kogi state
Maritime: Investments in inland , fishing, trawling and similar activities will thrive in Kogi.
Kogi state
Financial Services: SMEs in mobile money and other alternative payment services will boost the economy – leveraging on the CBN’s financial inclusion programme. Private Security Services: This is needed to comple
Kogi state
Quarrying: Partnership with external investors will boost activities in this sub-sector.
Kogi state
Private Security Services: This is needed to complement the efforts of the state security in protecting lives and properties in the state because of its multi-boundary status.
Kogi state
Tourism: The centrality of Kogi and boundaries with 10 states opens it up for robust investments in tourism. An annual event with focus on the confluence of Rivers Niger and Benue and special boat regalia will attract tourists from across the globe.
Kogi state
Mechanized Agriculture: Leveraging on the state government’s programme will facilitate development in agribusiness targeted at the government’s backward integration policy.
Kogi state
Solid Mineral: Vast deposits of solid minerals single
Kogi out as uique investment destination

The event was to draw attention to the massive economic opportunities and potentials in the Confluence State that, when tapped, could launch it into the league of Nigeria’s topmost economies, and end its appendage of a civil service state.

According to Gov. Bello, Kogi has worn the appalling appendage of ‘Civil Service State’ since inception and his administration was determined to change the narrative: “Twenty-five years ago, Kogi State was created and ever since then, it is often referred to as a civil service state. Under this administration, we will no longer take that s

“Our geographical location, natural water bodies, variable vast and arable land, human capital and solid minerals are great potentials. I refer to Kogi State as the solid mineral capital of Africa. All these potentials will remain so long as we continue to see Kogi State as a civil service state and nothing is done,” Bello said at the opening ceremony in Lokoja.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo added, “A fertile arable land that makes Kogi the largest producer of cashew, potential major rice producer, a respected fishing community among others as well as a bed of some of the most prolific solid minerals including coal, limestone, iron ore and tin makes undoubtedly, the confluence state.”

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Sam Diala is a Bloomberg Certified Financial Journalist with over a decade of experience in reporting Business and Economy. He is Business Editor at THEWILL Newspaper, and believes that work, not wishes, creates wealth.

Sam Diala, THEWILL
Sam Diala is a Bloomberg Certified Financial Journalist with over a decade of experience in reporting Business and Economy. He is Business Editor at THEWILL Newspaper, and believes that work, not wishes, creates wealth.


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