FeaturesRe-Establishing A Political Culture In Imo

Re-Establishing A Political Culture In Imo


January 15, (THEWILL) – Politics is supposed to be deemed as an interesting game that involves all and sundry and not a do-or-die affair, as against some misconception. It requires being played with all sense of sincerity, unity of purpose, openness, and heart – devoid of bitterness, rancour and peaceful coexistence among sundry stakeholders in the system.

Much had been talked about the 2023 general elections. In outlook,

It may be tough for the fact that it would usher in another team of political office stakeholders that would be steering the mantle of leadership for another four years.

Since the creation of Imo, in 1976, citizens of the political entity had witnessed elections – after its freedom from military rule. It was followed by the emergence of Chief Achike Udenwa, Ikedi Ohakim, Rochas Okorocha and presently, Governor Hope Uzodimma.

People of Imo are known for hard work, resourcefulness, thoughtfulness and resilience in all ramifications. In education, they are ranking high, Commerce & Industry, and Farming, they have tremendously recorded excellence in every human endeavour. That is why every Imo person is accorded respect.

From all indications, the People of the State are glaringly impressed with the Governor, Sen. Hope Uzodimma’s landmark achievements since his assumption of office. But alas, there are detractors of the present administration, who are jealously dissatisfied with the development.

Members of political parties contending for power should do so with decorum and a high sense of responsibility, with the overall interest of Ndimo at heart. Political apathy should be shunned entirely; while peaceful coexistence, brotherliness and oneness among the candidates cum their supporters should be promoted.

The zealousness to cast votes for candidates of one’s choice is a sure civic responsibility that must be upheld without any form of inducement by anybody during the forthcoming general elections, which the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has emphasised, shall be held on the last Saturday of the month of February 2023.

To make it a smooth and hitch-free exercise, the commission should play its role without any fear of favour in the discharge of its duty, apply an accommodative and transparent system that would not mar the election, cooperate with the voters; as well as agents of various of political parties monitoring the ongoing election at the polling units.

Not only the above, Heads of security agencies; The Police, Army, Nigerian Security, Journalists and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), should regard themselves as partners in progress during the elections. Gone are the days, when stakeholders were unfriendly to one another. For a desired success to be achieved, it requires a collective effort geared towards the enhanced vision.

It appears the love for voting is terribly waxing cold on a daily basis. One of the reasons that could be attributed to this unwarranted development is the non-challant attitude of our people to register and pick up their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) and fear of the security challenges the State is currently battling with.

Civil Society Organisations have big roles to play in order to raise the consciousness of the people, whose wish is mainly to see good tidings at the end of the tunnel. The Executive Governor of Imo, Senator Hope Uzodimma- being the political father to parties in the State, is expected to always preach unity among all parties.

Although the Governor, as ruling APC leader in the Southeast, has never been unfriendly to other political parties in the State. He has always made available, a level-playing ground for all and sundry to showcase their candidates to the general public.

Leaders of religious organisations, Traditional rulers, professional groups, Students Union Government (SUG), The artisans, market men & women including other associations are urged to take the bull by its horn towards ensuring their people are responsible citizens during the election, so as not to portray the State in a bad light.

Various political party arrowheads should bear in mind the state belongs to all; and on no account must it be destroyed by overzealous politicians out of selfish aggrandisement and destructive tendencies, which cannot yield dividends to the development of the Imo of our collective dream, which our forefathers had fought for.

Before I conclude, Google defines ‘Political culture’ as the view, aspirations, and beliefs of a particular people towards political systems. It can be said to be a psychological matter for the people.

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