FeaturesPlans Afoot to Make ‘Hoteliers Smile’ Again

Plans Afoot to Make ‘Hoteliers Smile’ Again

July 25, (THEWILL) – The Jamiu Talabi-led executive members have been writing to about four government parastatals and initiated discussion with them as regards the association’s intent or intention to move hotel business forward. We are with the management team of Lagos State Environment Protection Agency, Lagos State Safety Commission, Lagos Waste Management Authority and Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, said Talabi, Who already understood government saddled with the responsibility either to pay salaries, or have bills to pay. It means they equally need to cover the damage infrastructure around but it has to be reasonable. They should deem it fit to put into consideration how the business owners are surviving.

What was more, he said, for example you give someone bill of a 100,000 to pay and the person is unable to pay and you want to clampdown and you want to seal the business premises. Instead, he asked would that seal be able to bring the money, while they were operating they couldn’t meet up and now you want to clampdown.

“Hoteliers are law abiding citizens and we want to fulfill our own obligations as business operators but there is need to be reasonable and consider us.”


A call for ‘innovations’

There are quite a number for ourselves. I have rolled out something we have to do. We intend to take some of the things to do the doorstep of our colleagues and for some of them that feel unconcerned and for them to see what we are doing.

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