According to the United Nations, a youth is a person between the ages 15 and 25. According to the African Youth Charter, youths are persons between the ages of 15 – 35. Youth in Nigeria includes all members of the nation aged 18 – 35.

There are numerous talks about the natural resources of Nations, in Nigeria with very little regard to the nature of a youth. Required attention should be paid to the development of Nigerian youths because the most priceless resources are humans.

On a global scale, youths have the creativity and the capacity to make changes happen. Nigeria is not going forward. We have not been fair to all our options. The majority of youths in Nigeria are persistent but the problem is representation. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, holds that identifying and addressing issues that would intensify the lives of the youths would improve overall national development. Youths are Nigeria’s only hope for a better nation. Averagely, youths are energetic, vibrant, and ambitious.


Natural resources are resources that exist without any relevant exploit of humankind. The existence of humanity isn’t a result of any human, bestowed with the power to manage other resources, it is inherent to say that humans are the stanchion of other natural resources.

Unfortunately, youths interests, representation, and roles have been subverted and highly disregarded, resulting in underdevelopment, poverty, and isolation. Youths general welfare in Nigeria hasn’t been properly addressed.

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development is accountable for youths matters with the subject “Youth Empowerment”. The National Youth Policy under this ministry aims to; Promote the enjoyment of fundamental human rights and protect the health, social, economic, and political well-being of all young men and women to enhance their participation in the overall development process and improve their quality of life.

This policy is meant to attend to vital issues faced by youths in Nigeria. But the youths in the country remain undermined, faced with no hope or future.

Concerned Nigerians have expressed disappointment with the way youths are being attended to.

The Nigerian youths have steadily shown their capacity and determination globally. They have variants of accomplishments abroad. In societies with a framework for youth development and encouragement, Nigerian youths have continued to excel. It is important to note that the world is currently going through immense technological advancement and the youths are a major force in this atmosphere. The drive in every modern society is the workforce (Human capital), and if satisfactorily invested in, will strengthen national development.

Identification and Investment are key.

The youths in Nigeria should be identified with utilization skills; The current Nigerian society can formulate policies that encourage skills over qualifications. More relevance should be attached to inventions and creativity. Only human beings can invent tools and ideas that will unify with the natural resources in existence.

A framework for the support of youths should be put in place. With the innovative ideas conceived, the government should see that it is actualized. Amongst youths are computer geniuses, sports specialists, entertainment organizers, there are other numerous skills.

Young is Strong.

The average youth is ‘vibrant’ and ‘energetic’. The strength of Nigerian youths should not be taken for granted. Energy and vibrancy should be employed positively. If the energy of these youths is directed towards negativity, Nigeria should only brace for more impact. The country’s situation would go worse. Youths are very capable if only given the opportunity and appreciated. Indeed Folarin Falana (Falz) was candid in his opinion that the Nigerian state is holding her youths back. Nigeria is potential greatness.

The Nigerian atmosphere should turn towards this generation of technology enthusiasts.

When youths are neglected, social vices surface; Drug abuse, cybercrime, unwanted pregnancy, and others.

Positive utilization is essential. All a youth in Nigeria needs is opportunity.

*** By Chinedum Anayo

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