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Mohbad: Another Talent Gone Too Soon

September 15, (THEWILL) – The coincidences are eerily familiar: two very talented musicians quitting the stage forever, too soon and under very tragic circumstances. The first, Oladapo Olaitan Olaonipekun, aka Da Grin, perished in an auto accident on April 10 2010. He was a mere 25.

Early this week, Nigerians, especially the younger generation, woke up to the tragic and too-early demise of another talented musician, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, aka Mohbad. He was a mere 27.

Both deaths caught Nigerians unawares, leaving them in shocking disbelief given the musicians’ age and celeb status. Both were also noted users of mind-bending drugs. In the case of Da Grin, a postmortem conducted on him found the level of alcohol was enough to kill a man two times over. Da Grin died while driving under the influence in a car crash somewhere around Ojuelegba on the Lagos/Ikorodu Expressway.

There have also been rumours of drug abuse following the premature death of Mohbad. For one, he was, until his death, a close friend of Naira Marley – a self-confessed patron saint of mind-altering drugs. Mohbad was also a signee to Marley’s music label. As rumours have persisted these past days, Mohbad had fallen on bad times with his former patron and pal reason why he left the label. This, according to sources, led to bad blood between Naira Marley, Sam Larry and Mohbad.

There were rumours of bullying by Naira Marley and Sam Larry of the younger artiste, of being beaten at Naira Marley’s residence and even attacked at a shooting location shortly before the final curtain for Mohbad. In a petition that has now gone viral, Mohbad wrote that Naira Marley and Larry should be held responsible in case anything happened to him. The police responded promptly and invited the three parties to the station to state their case. Naira Marley and Sam Larry presented themselves on the day in question but Mohbad failed to show up.

Still, it didn’t stop rumours flying on social media that Naira Marley and Sam Larry had been arrested in the wake of Mohbad’s death, prompting the Force Criminal Investigation Department of the Nigeria Police Force, Zone 2, Alagbon, to deny the arrest.

A spokesperson for the Lagos Annex of the FCID, Oluniyi Ogundeyi, stated that the report “is false: it is a lie; no one has been arrested. The police did not arrest Naira Marley or Sam Larry.”

Even before now, there have been apprehensions on Mohbad’s part following his falling out with his former boss, Naira Marley. In one viral video, as quoted by reporters, “Mohbad and another singer, Omoniyi Temidayo, aka Zlatan Ibile, were on set for a music video when Sam Larry stormed the scene with some boys targeting Mohbad, who scampered away in fear. Zlatan, however, tried to save the situation as he stood up to Larry and his allies to forestall any attack or bullying on Mohbad.”

The attack probably led Mohbad to write the petition inter alia: “I, of the above name and address, a law-abiding citizen and a Musician, bring to your notice the assault and threat to my life by the above-mentioned persons.

“On 25th June, 2023 while having a video shoot with another artist by the name Zlatan Ibile, the above-mentioned persons numbering about fifteen led by Sam Larry Elegushi invaded the premises with dangerous arms such as guns, cutlasses etc. where I was shooting video and scattered the whole process of the shooting, damaged the equipment I was using for the shooting valued about Five Million Naira and started threatening my life, which in the process, they became violent and assaulted me, which I sustained injuries but narrowly escaped.

“Attached to this petition are the said pictures. The total amount I paid for the shooting they have destroyed is Eight Million Naira (N8,000,000), which is non-refundable.

“However, during the assault, they were boasting that they work for Oba Elegushi and that they have been asked to deal with me for reasons best known to them, which to date they are still threatening to kill me if seen.

“Sir, I call on your good office to save my life from the above-mentioned persons and bring them to book. Thank you for your timely intervention.”

It is no surprise that following his unexpected demise, some are now pointing at Naira Marley and Sam Larry as prime suspects. As is now clear to all, the pair were never arrested by the police. The cause of death has also been speculative at best. Some said he was given an injection by an auxiliary nurse while others maintain Mohbad was struck with a potent charm – read juju – meant to disable him.

Whatever it is that laid him low forever, no one can ever tell because Mohbad was buried almost immediately. The only possible way to get to the bottom of it all is through an autopsy, after exhuming his corpse, an option the police will consider if necessary.

Gone rather prematurely like Da Grin, they also had something in common: Both seemed to have had a premonition of their demise as if foretelling their own end before it came to pass. It is on record Da Grin released “If I Die,” which, according to those in the know, “sounded like a prophecy or a premonition of his death. The song was almost too accurate to be a coincidence and it remains a mysterious question to date. Did he know he was going to die? The lyrics of the song felt like he was sending cryptic messages of what was to come. This remains a question we will never get answers to.”

Mohbad also reportedly told friends and others who cared to listen about his impending demise, especially his long-running feud with Naira Marley and Sam Larry. Even Mohbad’s father said he got some signs too, ostensibly referring to a dream he had where someone pointed a gun at him.

While speculations fill the air about the cause of Mohbad’s death and the investigation is ongoing, no one can deny that, once again and tragically, another talented youngster has gone too soon.

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