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Men Who Lack Bedroom Skills Turn Me Off – Yemi Alade

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April 01, (THEWILL) – Afro pop queen, Yemi Alade, says she gets turned off by men who lack bedroom skills.

The singer made it known while speaking in a recent episode of the Lip Service with Angela Yee, the American radio host.

She added that telling a man that he is not good in bed may provoke misunderstanding, because of his ego, so she rather have a frank yet polite conversation with him.

Acting out the scenario with Angela, Alade said she will say, ” I really do like you and I like the time we spend together, but should we make it more interesting?

“I feel like we could do other things other than you always just being on me. Let’s try some other interesting positions”, she stated.

Yemi Alade became popular after putting out Johnny, her 2014 hit single. Since then, the afro pop singer has gained prominence in the music industry and she has won multiple awards.

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