Entertainment & SocietyLaw Firm Denies Conducting DNA Test On Mohbad's Son

Law Firm Denies Conducting DNA Test On Mohbad’s Son


March 21. (THEWILL)- Salawu, Akingbolu & Co., solicitors to Wunmi, widow of late afrobeats singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, aka Mohbad, has debunked claims that it, (the law firm), conducted a DNA test on the late singer’s 11-month-old son, Liam.

In a disclaimer, issued on Wednesday, and signed by Kabir Akingbolu, the law firm refuted a viral claim that the firm conspired with Latona Hospital and later, Lagoon Hospital in Lagos, to conduct a DNA test on Liam.

The rumour alleged that Wunmi took Liam for a secret DNA test on February 21 and paid N480,000 into the Lagoon Hospital Zenith Bank account. Also, the DNA test result was negative.


Since Mohbad died on September 12, 2023, his family has been embroiled in several controversies.

These include Liam’s paternity, Mohad’s reburial, allegations against his widow and unclaimed royalties and assets.

The singer’s father, who has never hidden his doubt about the paternity of Mohbad’s son, in February, denied claims that he demanded a DNA test for Mohbad’s son, stating that his son’s widow suggested it.

“For the record, we state and maintain that we are professional litigation lawyers of repute and our integrity in that light has never been in doubt since the inception of our Law Firm, for we are lawyers, who believe strongly in ethics and professionalism.

“Our track records in defending the masses and fighting poor government policies and corruption are testimonials to what we do, although Mrs Wunmi Aloba, the wife to the late Singer Aloba Ilerioluwa Promise (Mohbad), recently briefed our law firm and our service was retained to represent her in her cases and we have been doing our job strictly as lawyers.”

The law firm expressed their surprise at the unfounded allegation made by the blogger regarding their involvement in DNA tests despite not being medical practitioners.

They urged the public to disregard the unsubstantiated publication, noting that the allegation lacks truth.

The firm added that the allegation is merely “a fabrication of a self-serving, unemployed attention-seeker and overseas fugitive, who aims to make money by tarnishing the reputations of individuals with integrity to attract followers on the internet.”

“We have never, at any point in time, carried out any DNA test for Mrs Wunmi Aloba nor any person whatsoever, because we are not running a hospital but a law firm.

“We hereby urge the general public to discountenance and jettison the spurious, unfounded, baseless, and puerile allegation by Bukky Jesse, who has been dishing out falsehood and contradictory information to the general public under the pretence of seeking justice for the death of late Aloba Ilerioluwa Promise (Mohbad)”, the statement added.

The law firm clarified that only Mohbad had the constitutional right to question Liam’s paternity, which he never doubted while alive. The law firm stated that Mohbad owned two plots of land and purchased one in Liam’s name.

“This is more so because even if Mohbad had adopted another child out of wedlock when he was alive, so far as there was such acknowledgement, the whole world could not gang up to deny such a child of his inheritance even though he was born out of wedlock.

“So why would I bother myself with DNA; to prove what? instead of facing the legal issues involved? We assure the public that the long hands of the law will catch up with this impostor and accidental blogger of infinitesimal value with no traceable address in Nigeria as soon as we can unveil her identity, which has been shrouded in secrecy. We dare her to come out if she can defend any of her gutter vituperations”, the statement read.

It has been 191 days since Mohbad’s death, yet the coroner’s inquest is still ongoing, causing delays in both the autopsy results and the subsequent reburial.

Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s dad, has insisted on obtaining the autopsy results before proceeding with his son’s burial.

Mohbad’s management, in a previous report, stated that the delay in the release of autopsy results was a result of police awaiting the results sent abroad.

Recently, the older Aloba challenged his daughter-in-law to disclose everything she knows about the late singer’s death.

He accused her of seeking public sympathy and employing emotional blackmail tactics.

Furthermore, he accused her of manipulating the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death and urged her to reveal the details publicly.

But she, in a series of Instagram posts, claimed she had crucial information about Mohbad’s death, but “bullies have prevented her from speaking out”.

She expressed frustration at feeling powerless due to interference from unidentified industry figures.

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