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I Was Extremely Poor I Had To Wait For Neighbours To Feed Me When I Visit Them – Bisola Aiyeola


August 04, (THEWILL) – Reality show star cum actress, Bisola Aiyeola, has revealed that she was once poor to the extent that she would have to wait on their neighbors to give her food whenever she visited them.

She made this known while advising her fans on how best to enjoy life.

According to her, a person who works hard deserves the good things of life and even more.

She added that there is no award for being tagged the best in suffering.

“You deserve every good thing life has to offer. There is no award for the best in suffering. If anybody thinks and tell you that you will collect a medal, bronze medal for the best in suffering, my dear, it’s a lie. There is award for best in suffering.

“What I can tell you for a fact being that I have been extremely poor. Poor in the sense that you can’t even feed yourself. You have to literally wait for neighbours to cook and go and greet them so that they can give you food to eat.

“And being on the side that I can afford to purchase any kind of food that I would like to eat. Comfort is beautiful. Comfort is essential, it gives you mental rest, being comfortable puts your mind at ease and at peace.

“If after comfort level, you now decide to go for luxury, there is nothing wrong with it, luxury is beautiful. A few luxurious things I have been able to enjoy in life are lovely.

“What I will say though is that when you work hard and it is your hard work that you are using to enjoy comfort and luxury, you feel more fulfilled. You have to work hard so when you are enjoying it you will know that you are rewarding yourself.

“Wake up this morning, go catch that paper, go catch that bread so when you are spending your money, spend it with your full chest”, she stated.

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