Entertainment & SocietyEedris Abdulkareem Vs 50 Cent: When Will Eedris Stop This 20-Year-Old Lie?

Eedris Abdulkareem Vs 50 Cent: When Will Eedris Stop This 20-Year-Old Lie?


April 1, (THEWILL)- So, the ‘begging’ shifted from Eedris to Charlie Boy and 50 Cent. Charlie Boy was being prevailed upon to withdraw his threat and embrace 50 Cent to make him relax. To be fair to Eedris, who has constantly accused Charlie Boy of throwing him under the bus for pecuniary reasons, I cannot independently verify if Charlie Boy was offered any financial reward to calm 50 Cent down because I was some metres away as officials of the company crowded over Charlie Boy. But having known CB for years, very close, I will not however swear at the shrine of Amadioha that Charlie Boy did not extract some promises from the organisers to play the role he later played that day, which disappointed Eedris. And in a flash, CB changed from being confrontational to a mediator.

Time was around 3 pm. The drama that started around 9am in the morning had lasted that long. Tension was high, the Port Harcourt show was going to take place that evening, news was filtering in that people who had already bought tickets were spoiling for a fight should the show not happen. Of course, Port Harcourt already knew what was playing out in Lagos. So, CB became the mediator. And in about 30 minutes with 50 Cent, the American agreed for the second time to go ahead with the trip. There was relief in the air. We were all set to board the plane again.

As we were getting set to leave the departure lounge, something told me something was not right. When I looked at the face of one of the officials of the company, his happy face of about five minutes ago, was now gloomy. That was when he broke the news that 50 Cent would no longer embark on the trip. I was later told he reached the decision after he received a call. The call I was made to understand was from the American Embassy in Lagos and the embassy official made it clear that 50 Cent’s safety was no longer guaranteed once he left Lagos for Port Harcourt, and that he should immediately proceed to the international wing and take a flight back to America. Again, I cannot independently verify the telephone call angle. That was how 50 Cent did not play at that mega show in Port Harcourt.

Hours later, Eedris began to spin the lie that he was fighting for the rights of Nigerian musicians. He instantly became a ‘Gani Fawehinmi’. He was going from one TV station to the other and because the multinational company was still hurting from the bruise on its corporate entity by the botched show, they did not want to join issues with Eedris.

Eedris took over the narrative and as the days went by, he actually believed his fight that day was for the music industry and artistes. And as the years went by, when the Burna Boys, Davidos and Wizkids became stars, Eedris wanted to plug into their success and so, he again changed the narrative to “I paved the way for you guys”. “Na me cook the food wey una dey eat today?”

HOW? Again, I ask, HOW?

I have a question for Eedris Abdulkareem: If what you did at the Lagos airport was noble and meant to “pave the way” or “cook food wey dem dey eat today” for the stars of today, why did you apologise to 50 Cent at the PHABA Awards ceremony held at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, some years later?

Again, I was involved in the awards organisation as a member of the Media Committee. I and other journalists were at the lobby of the hotel where we were lodged on the day of the awards when news came that Eedris was seeking Journalists’ ‘approval’ and cooperation in advance because he would be apologising to 50 Cent later in the night.

All my friends and colleagues turned and looked at me. I was like, what was that look for? They wanted to find out my position about the move of Eedris. I told them I was cool with it. I was actually happy Eedris had regained his senses and tired of playing ‘Gani Fawehinmi.’ We were appealed to, to give that segment of the show some degree of media attention to achieve among other things, a good image for the country because according to the organisers, reconciliation and peaceful coexistence were among the objectives of the awards ceremony.

Night came. 50 Cent was closing the show as he was coincidentally the headline artiste when Eedris crashed the stage. A bemused 50 Cent was taken aback. He only recalled who Eedris was when our Nigerian star explained himself and profusely apologised for that unfortunate and avoidable incident in Lagos. It was a brief, embarrassing moment when 50 Cents did not know who Eedris was. What that tells you is that Eedris did not fight 50 Cents but his security/bouncers.

Anyway sha, that night ended well, journalists published the news. It however did not gain much traction like the fight with 50 Cent in Lagos because Eedris firmly took over the narrative and controlled it (the social media that has turned everybody into a journalist now was not alive then) which turned him into a HERO and ‘Artiste’s rights activist.’

Another twist to the issue came years after the Abuja incident when Eedris ran into me at celebrity restaurant, O’jez, inside the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. I was waiting for some friends at the open air section when Eedris in company of another guy arrived. As they were making their way upstairs to the VIP section, our eyes met and he stopped and was talking to the guy with him. I was prepared for another fight because then, he was no longer the ‘biggest star in Africa’, so I figured he would take his anger and frustration out on me the second time. He walked straight to me and said: “Bro, I was told that I fought with you at the airport during the 50 Cent issue. I can’t remember that happening, but anyway, if it’s true, I am sorry.”

I was stunned. He was told he fought with me. I could only mutter that I heard. And they left.

I must confess, I felt very sorry for Eedris. I thought something was wrong with him and he needed some help and counselling. It did not take long for him to continue his self-delusion about his fight for ‘Nigeria artistes’ and the industry anyway.

Eedris is like a once upon a time rich, local man. He had two cars and was very popular in the area. Then by some unfortunate strings of events, he lost his popularity and the little money he had. Suddenly, some very young boys sprang up in the neighbourhood; very loud, fleet of exotic cars, mansions, diamond chains and bracelets and endless clubbing. Eedris waited for them to come to him and say, “Bros, we are loyal. We understand how you were popular back then, hold this one. You too much bros”. He waited, none of these today stars ‘send’ Eedris. So, Eedris decided to spin his 50 Cent incident to make it look like he fought for the betterment of the Nigeria music industry. It was a bait. If these youngsters had swallowed it, they would have run to him to recognise his royalty. But these boys are smart. They checked for how Eedris “paved the way” for them, they did not see. And so, some ignored his yearly rant until Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy, boldly called his bluff, and that is why you are also reading this piece because I have tried to stomach Eedris’ 20-year-old lie till now.

Like Burna Boy, I have decided to tell Eedris Abdulkareem that it is about time he stopped the lie and faced reality. It would have been better if he had humbled himself and used one of these new kids on the block to revive his career he killed with his own hands, instead of trying to claim what is not. His bloated sense of entitlement is not only annoying, but also irritating.

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