OpinionEasier To Enslave With Loans And Bribes Than Guns

Easier To Enslave With Loans And Bribes Than Guns


“Usman Dan Fodio the Second” leads Fulani that think they can divide and conquer Africa without the resistance fighters or guerrilla war by consolidating Fulani terrorists through the Northern open border into Nigeria. They wish the rest of the African countries will fall one by one, the way Usman Dan Fodio the First conquered the Hausa.

Other Africans are watching, wondering how far they will go before other Nigerians put them in their place as most African countries did. Fulani have nothing to offer except poverty and guns anyone can buy in the open market.

There is an easier choice today. Even the super powers failed to defeat resistance fighters by bombing the hell out of them! It is either you want to enslave by guns or by loans. A family can take a loan to improve their standard of living. Loan to buy a car enables you to get to work in order to make money to take care of family members and pay for the car. A loan can help mortgage a house, build equity that appreciates in value over time and improve infrastructure. Fulani have no money or loan because they are parasites that depend on archaic religious opium.


Believe it or not, some labor camps still exist throughout the world, where the more you earned in starving wages, the more you owe. You have to pay for boarding and food. There are also grocery stores within the camps where you can buy candy, cigarettes, canned food etc. on credit. Whatever you owe will be deducted from your pay check. Most of the workers owe more than their pay check and cannot leave until they pay off everything they “owe.”

If you think it only happens in labor camps, think again. Your country may be undergoing that predicament. Anyone that thinks all the money African countries take in loans and aids is free because some are forgiven or renegotiated must also think deeply. Renegotiation of loans and credit cards only means they give you more money to pay off the principal, interest, penalties, lawyer’s fees, and commission to start paying all over.

Individuals, Oba, Igwe, Obi may have to use their land, house or sponsors as collateral like the Hausa Sarki did in exchange for Fulani domination. African rulers use their land or infrastructure which is taken over when full payment is due. If you have heard about Paris Loan, that was child’s play compared to new European, American and Asian Loans. They are fighting one another about who gives better loans to Africa!

However, these loans as bribes can turn you into slaves that work forever to pay them off. There is another Loan that is called Credit Cards. It enslaves you forever because you cannot save or wait to buy what you need or want immediately. Since you are greedy, everything that the Candy Store has you want. Indeed, the Candy Store would give you credit to buy more. The more loans or credit cards you get, the more enslaved you are. You are trapped for life.

Loans or Credit Cards incentives give us immediate gratification, not only for what we need; food, roads, public transportations like rail and buses to improve commerce; loans and credit cards also satisfy our wants for those goods and services that depreciate with little value to our future life. So we go crazy like a little boy in the Candy Store. We buy vanities, imports, brands to show we are not behind the rest of the world while we fail to produce ours.

Loans and Credit Cards encourage us to demand more goods and services on impulse since we do not have to pay for them immediately. Indeed, if we have to take cash out of what we can only earn, there is reluctance that many of our friends, neighbouring communities and countries label as stingy. There is an African proverb that if a hunter has to think about what he went through in the bush to bring home meat, he would never share it with everybody.

This is our life in African countries. Natural resources are abundant that we were able to manufacture into Bronze, polished Gold and Diamond, Kola Nut into Gunpowder. We know from archeology and history that other continents were amazed by the amount of Gold, Ivory, metal sculptures and carvings looted from Africa after the resources of the African continent were exposed not only by Mansa Musa and Queen of Sheba’s travels but also by explorer “traders.”

While African were anesthetized into the Dark Continent, explorers and “missionaries” with religion stole raw materials out of Africa for development into war materials and technologies. Though half of world reserves of Cobalt, most of Lithium and Germanium found in Congo and Namibia, the highest concentration of Chromium or Chromite in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Using what is yours to buy you. ttps://www.britannica.com/place/Africa/Metallic-deposits#:

There are different ways to skin a cat. You can catch more bees with nectar and capture flies with honey instead of vinegar. Another way of putting this is, if you put sugar in a baby’s mouth, he would not spit it out. African countries are lured with odious loans from Europe, America and Asia in the form of Credit Cards they know Africans cannot afford to pay back. So they take their land and rights to natural resources as collateral.

There is no Black anywhere in the world that should not weep for the fall of Africa from grace as a place to go if everything else fails; but helpless countries ruled by vagabonds willing to throw their motherland under the bus for temporary high of opium in foreign currencies.

The Fulani have become enemies within printing local currencies to bribe village heads to take over their land while they take loans and credit cards in foreign currencies.

Someone puts it this way: The forest was turning into desert but the big trees kept buying axes because their handles were made of wood. A Continent or Country divided within itself cannot stand. The giant of Africa has failed us and its own citizens have lost faith in their country. Their country, ruled by those suffering from Mad Cow Disease, is only good for looting. Africans have got to a point where they would accept judicious leadership by examples from any country as small as Botswana or Rwanda.

It is one thing to fight external threats by appealing to national interest but when internal agitations grip all regions, including those from the ruling region, it is time to prepare for new nations. Citizens of many African countries have lost confidence, pride, ostentation, arrogance and conspicuous display of easy money, as in Nigeria. Indeed, Nigeria has been replaced by jokes all over the world from Britain’s “fantastic corruption” label in high circles to local jokes in Kenya, South Africa to China.

What other evidence do we need to prove that Fulani imported and sponsored terrorists and bandits into Nigeria to divide and conquer, not only Nigeria as a start, but as a leverage against other Africans.

*** Written by Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa.

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