Entertainment & SocietyAfe Babalola And Kayode Fayemi Fight Dirty

Afe Babalola And Kayode Fayemi Fight Dirty


April 1, (THEWILL)- Unless there is an immediate intervention between legal luminary, Afe Babalola CON OFR SAN and former Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi, the verbal fight between the two may just end up becoming a physical one. The duo have been at each other’s jugular for a while now over what Fayemi describes as the constant attack and criticism on his time in office by the elder statesman and the founder of Afe Babalola University.

Babalola had in recent comments attributed to him, criticized all former Ekiti State governors for their alleged lack of development initiatives, leaving the state lagging behind. While other past governors chose to ignore Babalola, Fayemi interpreted his comments as targeted towards him, citing a pattern of sustained criticism. He said that he has had to restrain himself from responding out of respect for Babalola but that the era of restraining himself has ended as he plans to take control of the narrative surrounding his tenure in office. He asserted that he will no longer take it easy on Babalola.

Fayemi acknowledged Babalola’s potential lapse in memory but expressed concern that Babalola may be afflicted with a narcissistic personality disorder, hindering his ability to recognize the positive contributions of others. Fayemi emphasized the importance of age bringing wisdom and circumspection, rather than allowing it to fuel unnecessary criticism and personal attacks. The former governor claimed that he had never earned Babalola’s support which is fine by him as the elder statesman has a right to support anyone.


Fayemi recalled how when he challenged his stolen mandate in 2007, Babalola was his opponent, Segun Oni’s lawyer in court. But despite Babalola’s knowledge and might as a respected lawyer, he defeated his opponent in court and reclaimed his stolen mandate. In spite of that, he embraced Babalola and even asked him to chair the Airport Viability Committee during his first term in office. Fayemi claimed Babalola accused him of stopping an airport project in Ekiti State, a statement he (Fayemi) claims to be false.

Back in 2018, Babalola had granted an interview, revealing why he believes the Ekiti airport project failed. He said that Fayemi allegedly said that the state did not need such a facility and hence did not follow up the Federal Government’s intention of setting up one in the state. Babalola said he had countered him by insisting that there was still the need for such a facility as the state had no railway line passing through it, adding that an airport would be a better option for people to access the state.

He alleged that while the other states had their airports built, the Fayemi administration did not show interest in it. But Fayemi believes that Babalola’s narrative about his time in office is malicious and not a dispassionate and objective assessment. Irked by Fayemi’s submission, a group, the Ekiti Patriotic Consultative Forum (EPCF), demanded a public apology to be published in three major national newspapers and a one-on-one apology from Fayemi over his uncouth and disrespectful comments made against Babalola.

The group insisted that in doing the one-on-one apology, Fayemi must personally mobilise some respected traditional rulers in the state to accompany him for that purpose. The group accused him of crossing the red line and committing a sacrilege by using derogatory words against 94-year-old Babalola in his uncoordinated media attack which they referred to as hogwash and senseless vituperation. The group however, appreciated the maturity exhibited by other past governors of the state for not toeing the alleged arrogant path of perdition taken by Fayemi.

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